Why your new blog is not showing up on Google

Why your new blog is not showing up on Google

This is hard to take in but the reality is that when your blog is brand new, it definitely won’t appear on Google search results. Not just yet until you meet certain requirements.

Important to note: Start with a SELF-HOSTED domain instead of a free domain because websites that run on free domains lack the flexibility and personalization that comes with a self-hosted website.


From experience, it is really frustrating when your site doesn’t appear in Google’s search results but no need to be alarmed. Google is the top and most popular search engine on the Internet today and there are standard requirements a website has to meet for it to be indexed and ranked so as to appear in users’ search results.

Use Social Media to Promote your Blog

For instance, my blog (Digital Resource Ke) receives most a huge percentage of its traffic from Social Media according to Google Analytics Report. This is attributed to the fact that I share my posts on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t publish a post on your website and let it sit there but instead promote it by sharing on Social Media. Don’t worry whether you get likes or comments but as long as they read, they are doing you justice.

As a new blogger, it is important to largely depend on Social Media in the beginning to grow your audience. For instance, sharing your posts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest e.t.c. In addition, you can also share your blog link with friends. Growing your email subscription list as you wait for your site to get indexed by Google is key as well.

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How Google Works

Remember when you start a healthy eating habit or your doctor places you on a diet to lose weight, it is impossible to shed all the unwanted weight just by sticking to the diet for a few days or a few weeks. You need to continuously and religiously stick to the diet for let’s say at least 6 months for you to notice a decent improvement in your weight loss journey. This is the same way Google works for a website to begin appearing in search results. Your website has to have existed for at least six months with consistent and excellent content. Consistency is key here. Don’t expect to be successful when you write one post and then disappear for 3 months only to reappear with a post explaining why you took a break.

Google is a Business

It is a bitter pill to swallow that Google doesn’t care that you have just started a new blog and you are excited about it. Google is a business like any other that strives to offer the very best for its customers by providing the best search results. Therefore, it is upto a content publisher to convince Google that their content is worth being listed in the search results.


What Criteria does Google use to decide which blogs appear in search results?

Most of us must be aware that when you search for a keyword or set of keywords on Google, only certain results are featured. Have you ever asked yourself why not any web page with the keyword you are looking is displayed? Have you asked yourself how Google figures out out what to display in the search results and what not to?


So How Does Google Work?

I’m sure you won’t be pleased when your working on final paper that will contribute to 50% of your total score then you Google the topic and the top 10 search results are from websites that only have 2 to 5 posts published. And to make matters worse, nothing in the posts relates to what you were actually looking for. Maybe it’s just the topic shallowly mentioned. You will probably be worked up and look for another search engine. When this happens, Google will lose a customer and business, right?

Google won’t risk its business by showcasing to its esteemed clients a blog post to new blog that was just created a day before and mind you that’s the only post in the site.

Google only shows excellent blog posts in search results

At this point what you expect to see is a well researched and written post or post that explains what you were searching for in detail, using a step by step process and giving relevant examples. In short, you are looking comprehensive articles that cover the topic of your final paper in detail. You want to see diagrams, illustrations and so on.

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Starting a blog is a wise way to make money online

This sheds light why your new blog is not anywhere in Google’s search results. However, it is important to know that by starting a blog you are in the right track and that blogging can be very rewarding and satisfying if you do it right. Besides, it is the easiest way to start a business online and make money.

Your blog is a great source of content but still won’t appear in Google’s search results

So you have published approximately 30 to 50 articles but still won’t appear anywhere in Google’s search results. What might be going on?

Let’s go back to our diet and fitness story. It doesn’t really matter that you have stuck to your diet and consistently exercised for 3 weeks. The big question is are you really fit? Does only 3 weeks of dieting and exercising qualify one to be pronounced fit by their doctor or fitness trainer? Will you have shed all the extra pounds just in 3 weeks and attained your dream body. Certainly not. This analogy also applies to how Google works.

Prove that your content is worth being listed in Google’s search results

According to WordPress.com, there are millions of blog posts published each month. This is WordPress alone guys.

It is Google’s task to sort through the data, the millions of posts, and direct their customers to what they consider the best and most dependable websites or blogs to get information from. Your site will not be among these when you don’t consistently publish content because that shows your blog cannot be relied on. This even sheds more light as to why bloggers and even Youtube content creators are advised to be consistent in their work. Google needs to be assured you’re in this to stay and that your site is a stable one. They also want to see a trail of remarkable content and reliable site performance.

Your site’s speed will affect your ranking in search results

Therefore, it is important that you choose your domain hosts wisely because it is evident here that your site’s performance will determine your ranking on Google’s search results.

Google will not filter a slow responsive site or one that is frequently down in its search results. I remember one time I woke up to an email from Jetpack (a plugin I use to monitor my blog’s performance) that my site had been down for a whole 2 hours. I was mad and I almost lost it! “We are in this for business”-that’s what I told the domain host company when I contacted them about the issue.

Be consistent in publishing new content

Most of us start blogs but very few of us will publish even upto 10 posts of quality content. It is normally exciting to write that very first blog post and publish it. I remember when I started this blog, at the 40th blog post, I was really struggling with consistency. At times you even ask yourself whether you have made the right choice. But the secret is to keep pressing on otherwise that may be the end of your blogging journey. We all need Grace from above to keep at it. It can be tough when you are the sole person working on everything and can’t afford yet to employ writers, editors or designers for your blog.

Google is a brand that strives to offer the best for its customers

Google is very aware of that and is not ready to risk its business by including such blogs anywhere in its search results. The popular search engine does not want to jeopardize its own brand by doing that. Remember, as we mentioned earlier, Google is big brand that strives to offer the best and most reliable information for its customers.

A new blog with a single post won’t appear in Google search results

Google won’t risk it’s business by showcasing to their esteemed clients a blog post to a new blog that was just created a day before and mind you that’s the only post in that blog. This explains why how ever much your content is good as a new blogger, it won’t just show on Google’s search results yet. This calls for patience and resilience to work hard and prove to Google that that your blog offers quality work and is worth being included in its search results. In the beginning, make use of the organic growth method to get your work out there.


Google has a criteria for which blogs to feature

Only established blogs that have existed for at least 6 months, steady and have rich and quality content will have their links shown in search results. I would like to summarize this point by by stating that Google will only include your site in search results when and only Google is convinced that your content is worthy of being part of Google search results.

Google will only include your site in search results when and only Google is convinced that your content is worthy of being part of Google search results.

Don’t be discouraged because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most us are lazy and not willing to put in extra work. Some people write one shoddy post that’s completely unrelated to their blog niche and then disappear for even 3 months just to make a comeback and begin writing a long post explaining that they had taken a beak. Thos is a common habit with some YouTube content creators as well. Google doesn’t want to know whether you had taken a break. That’s the bitter truth.

Dedicate your time and effort to make your blog rank on Google

If you decide to dedicate your time and effort, you will definitely succeed in the blogging business. Put in hard work and Google will index your blog. This means you need to work even harder to stay at the top.

Work harder to stay at the top

Google uses search engine algorithms

You will be surprised when I tell you that the situation with Google is very dynamic. Some sites that showed up at the top of Google yesterday are at the very end tomorrow. Google uses search engine algorithms and filter systems in determining the relevance of a site in search results ranking.

Don’t take shortcuts to make your blog rank highly on Google

Also, don’t take shortcuts to make your site rank highly on Google. This can really have a terrible longtime impact on your site. Don’t be tempted to use purchased links. Many sites have once occupied the top places in the search results but are not anywhere as we speak. They are now under the filter of Penguin (Google) update. These sites can no longer be found. on Google.