The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

What’s the real story behind Valentine’s Day? Have you stopped for a second and thought about it? Is it a day for lovers? Or is it just a day when we get roses, go for date nights, and wear red?

There is more to Valentine’s Day

There is more to that. Is there something you could do for yourself, for your relationship or marriage to fully bring out the concept of true love as depicted in the story we are about to dive into? I know some of you will be shaking their heads at this point in dismay and asking themselves if true love really does exist.

My answer is simple. It does exist but it is rare. Also, this depends on your definition of true love.

The real story behind Valentine's Day

The real story behind valentine’s day

There is a lot more behind this day other than the gifts. It is a true love story. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real story behind Valentine’s day.

Claudius the Roman Empire ruler cancelled all marriages and engagements

Claudius, who rule the Roman Empire believed the recruitment in the army was low because the men did not want to leave their families behind.  He then called off all engagements and marriages in Rome. Thousands of couples were affected by his decision but none of them wanted to stand up for their rights except for a Christian priest named Valentine.

Valentine, a priest secretly conducted marriage ceremonies for soldiers

Valentine started marrying soldiers secretly before they went to war against the orders given by Claudius, the ruler. When Claudius got wind of what was happening, he threw Valentine to prison.

Valentine falls in love with a blind girl

Valentine fell in love with a blind girl as he was awaiting execution. The young girl was the jailer’s daughter. The day before his execution, Valentine wrote a sonnet in ink to his blind love.

The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s words made the blind woman regain vision

The ink is said to have been squeezed from violets. His worlds led to the blind lady seeing again. What a story? This was a short-lived romance because Valentine was clubbed to death the following day. Very sad.

February 14 as the day of celebration

14 February is a day picked in celebration of the self-sacrificing love in honor of valentine. Valentine’s day is founded on the concept of love and marriage. What are you doing this Valentine’s to keep the love in your marriage, relationship, family, and even friendships?

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