Photoshoot Ideas for Valentine’s

Photoshoot Ideas for Valentine’s

Have you thought about photoshoot ideas for Valentine’s? Well, this post is just about that.

Valentine’s Eve Photoshoot Inspired by the concept of love

 It is 13th February and I walk past the gate and I see red flower petals all over the driveway.

“Is this intentional? Isn’t this just timely?” I ask myself.

At this time my creative eyes and mind began gathering ideas could not miss noticing the

I can already smell the aroma of love in the air. I immediately know I must capture this but not without me in the picture. I convince myself that the images will not come out real with me in them.

photoshoot ideas for valentine's

Selecting an outfit for valentine’s

Also, I begin picturing my closet and start thinking of which outfit will be best for this shot. I’m that kind of person. I basically choose my outfits remotely, sometimes I go through my clothes but rarely.

photoshoot ideas for valentine's

My red bandage skirt is a perfect choice for valentine’s photoshoot

I think about my red bandage skirt and remember have taken a photo in it. But do I have a choice? That’s the only fit that could really match flowers that neatly lay on the driveway. Then my polka-dot off-shoulder top strikes my mind and voila I have an outfit.

White sneakers seem to go with every outfit

Of late, I’m really into sneakers especially white ones and this was the perfect go for this photoshoot. I again remember that I have white sneakers strategically placed by the door.

Photoshoot ideas for valentine's

Braided hairstyle in shade Purple-D

My hair is perfectly braided in a lighter shade of purple, it’s actually called Purple-D. I spent a few minutes in the morning adding some silver beads to my braids and neatly tied it in a ponytail and made a kind of a puff. So, hair is sorted.

Simple make-up for my valentine’s shoot

I’ a minimalist when it comes to make-up and therefore, I occasionally use the very basic things like foundation, powder, eye pencil, concealer and lipstick. Although at the end of my shoot I realized that I forgot to wear my red lipstick. That hurt a little bit, but I’m still amazed at how beautiful and artistic the photos came out.

Photoshoot ideas for valentine's

How I did my valentine’s shoot

You got to have a good phone camera for this this and choose a location with perfect lighting. I prefer to do this in the evenings like between 4pm to 6pm because the weather that time is just perfect. Although this time it was equally still okay because we in a cold season.

photoshoot ideas for valentine's

I place a timer on the camera for 10 seconds and place is in a stable position, in this case I used the gate. The struggle is real because I have never thought of getting a tripod but this time round, I have to get one. Once everything is set, I pose until I see the camera light flash. For quality photos use the back camera as opposed to the front camera.

My heart is full

I have come to the end of the photoshoot and it’s now 6.30pm. I’m very exhausted but happy I did something I love and for myself that’s inspired by the concept of Valentine’s. My heart is full.

photoshoot ideas for valentine's
photoshoot ideas for valentine's

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