Blogging Experience at a glance

Blogging Experience at a glance

I’m almost clocking six months of creating digital content but it keeps occurring to me that there’s something I haven’t figured out. I don’t know what it is and how to arrive there. As of now I write articles about selected lifestyle topics that I resonate with but I feel like that’s too much and I need to identify with one specific thing. I need to find a unique niche. I need a solid topic to address. The many topics I currently write about portray my blog as this scattered field where any plant can be found. I’m really working on this and I’m sure I’ll soon decide the one thing my blog will be identified with. This might mean changing the name of my blog as well. I’m I ready for this transition?

When I began writing the only method of monetization I knew much about was Google AdSense. Luckily I signed up and got my account approved without much struggle. But one thing I don’t like about AdSense is that I have no control of the ads displayed on my pages. For instance, some of the banners displayed on my pages are so unrelated to the topics I cover in my content. This may give that mixed feelings to readers. I’m not dismissing this technique of monetizing our blogs but my opinion is that it works well for those very established bloggers. Those content creators who get thousand and million visits to their sites daily. As for an upcoming blogger. It’s important to work on getting readers to know about your site/blog first and then maximizing on the many monetization techniques that exist.

As content creators we have to build our brands first, convince our followers, get noticed for our unique brand/voice and then we can think about money. For the few months I can say this involves a lot of hard work. It requires discipline and self-drive to create consistent content on a regular basis. Good content needs proper planning. For me don’t really struggle with the content creation bit but promoting my content. While that stands to more the most important bit to letting my blog known by readers and eventually earning a living out of this. The earning a living bit is a long term goal. For now, I juggle an 8 a.m to 5 p.m job alongside running this blog.

Have been looking for affiliate marketing programs to sign up for and I eventually settled for Amazon Associates Program. The rules are tight though. If I don’t drive any sales in the next 180 days. My account will be deactivated. Remember this is an unpredictable time because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has crippled the whole world. Who is even shipping things now from the United States? But I just discovered Amazon has a lot more to offer in terms of services and products that don’t need shipping. I’ll settle for that. Look out for a more detailed post I’ll give a detailed review about the Amazon Associates Program and talk about how much a blogger for every successful sale driven.

Let’s all stay safe, stay and work from home if possible and maintain high levels of hygiene because Coronavirus knows nobody. It hits from every corner when given the opportunity.

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