How to Write a Successful Blog Post

How to Write a Successful Blog Post

How do you write a successful blog post as a blogger or publisher? This may prove to be a challenging task in the beginning but no need to worry. If you research widely and learn how to go about it, you will make a fortune from your blog.

Writing a blog post for the key purpose of being ranked on Google search results is not just about composing a paragraph of words without any plan.

Writing a blog post for the key purpose of being ranked on Google search results is not just about composing a paragraph of words without any plan.

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If you are just blogging for fun no need to worry much about some of the most important points we’ll discuss in this post but if you want your posts and blog to be found by Google, then you better have a strategy.

Foundation of Blogging

To start a blog, you need a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or an iPad. You can have all of these gadgets if your pocket is friendly to purchase all of them. You can do it with either of them. Just cut your coat according to your size. You also need a pen, a notebook, and a website. All these materials are key when starting a blog.

Materials for blogging

  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Laptop (what I use)
  • Desktop computer (or laptop)
  • Tablet (optional)
  • iPad (optional)
  • Website
  • Content Management System e.g WordPress
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Notebook and pen
Blogging materials

Brainstorm to write a successful blog post

Before you write a post, you need to brainstorm on what you want to write about. For instance, before I wrote this post, I thought through my ideas and noted them down in a notebook. Don’t just go to your WordPress dashboard and begin writing from no specific place or point of view because you just rumble through words and at the end of the day came up with a substandard article.

Do your research prior to writing your blog post

Keyword research is very important. This is one of the reasons why every new blogger needs to learn what is Search Engine Optimization and why it is important when writing a blog post.

The Keywords/Key-phrase in your post

The keywords/keyphrase needs to appear in your title, the first paragraph of your text, a certain number of times within your text, in the meta tag description, in the SEO title, in the Alt text of your images among other places. It is also important to note that we are not supposed to misuse the key phrase or Google will mark you for that.

Use Yoast SEO to write a successful blog post

Google web crawlers and the whole concept of indexing have become very smart and sophisticated to pick out such tricks on websites. I would advise you to install a plugin called Yoast SEO to help you tackle your keyphrase strategy.

A post outline before writing a successful blog post

Thirdly, you need to outline the main bullet points that will appear in your headings before you write your blog post. To add on that, WordPress comes with a perfect word editor for that. The current version I’m using has subheading up to H6.

Also, in every bullet point include a subsection and include any main point you want to talk about so that you don’t forget when typing your post on your laptop, iPad, or tablet.

Back up your points to avoid forgetting

At this point, also remember to back up your points so that you don’t forget when writing. This will make your work pretty easy. You may want to grab a notebook, a tablet, or an iPad and visit your favorite restaurant, a coffee shop, or sit by the pull and just scribble down your points.

Have a copy of your blog posts somewhere offline to be safe

As bloggers, we should make it a point to have a copy of our blog posts somewhere offline just in case something goes wrong with our websites, we are not left empty-handed and confused having lost all the content we work hard to write.

Write like you speak if you want a successful blog post

Write your blog post like you are speaking to your audience. Use active voice as opposed to passive voice. For example, click here’ as opposed to we ‘I went to’ and include ore action verbs and transition words. This will also make Google index your content since the search engine crawls websites for such posts.

Avoid big chunky chunky paragraphs

Nobody likes skimming through long paragraphs with no subheadings, bullet points, or graphics. Make sure you consider that when writing your blog post. Break down all long paragraphs by including subheadings and bullet points.

Read your blog post out loud

Moreover, read your blog post out loud to find out whether it sounds natural and connects with your audience. Your audience is the most important person here, therefore, put them first. Ask yourself whether you are having a conversation with your audience. When writing a blog post, it is equally important to include your audience in the conversation. Don’t sound like you are talking to yourself and it is all you.

Include your Visual Breaks in your blog post

Furthermore, as a blogger, you should appreciate that human beings are visual beings. Your audience will be happy to see images, posters, screenshots, tables in between text. Similarly, Google also prefers text with illustrations as opposed to plain run-on paragraphs. Have the visuals spread out within your content and not just within a specific section only.

Include visual breaks for a successful blog post

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