What’s dead in blogging today?

What’s dead in blogging today?

To begin with, what do you think is dead in blogging today? Blogging has evolved over the years and they’re definitely some tactics that were used by bloggers ten or five years ago that no longer apply in the kind of blogging done today.

What has changed in blogging today?

As a matter of fact, when Google was founded in 1998 and subsequently websites started being created, there was limited content and fewer websites and blogs compared to the billions we have today.

The competition then was zero but, nowadays, new bloggers face stiff competition when launching their blogs. In addition, today Google ranks blogs based on the quality of content as opposed to the number of posts. This leads us to our first point.

Let’s talk about Quality, not Quantity

quantity is dead in blogging. Quality matters

Gone are the days when bloggers would publish numerous posts for their websites to rank high on Google search results. As earlier discussed, there were very few sites then and no competition and so one would easily get away with that.

Have a schedule, for instance, once or twice a week and publish excellent posts for your site to stand out. The appearance of your site also matters a lot today. Google takes all that into consideration before displaying your blog when a user searches for a particular word or phrase.

Entertainment in blogging is dead today

Social Media is full of great entertainment content and people love social media. So starting a blog to post funny videos for amusement no longer works today. Facebook has all kinds of content from videos, memes name it. Why do you want to post funny memes in a blog post anyway?

Blogs have become more of a solution-based platform and for educational purposes. Ask yourself one pertinent question before you continue publishing posts.

“How am I solving people’s problems?”

If you can answer that proceed. If not put a stop and re-evaluate your long term goals as far as blogging is concerned.

Clickbait will only get you in trouble

Clickbait may work for Youtube but in blogging it’s dead. What is clickbait? These are exaggerated headlines to a post or thumbnails to a video or a piece of content that deceives users into clicking on a particular link.

The user follows the link and discovers the information isn’t even factual. Furthermore, the content does not match the headline. Website owners use this tactic to get more users to their sites so as to earn revenue but it is a dead strategy because when Google catches up with you, your blogging business will suffer.

Generic blogging is dead today

As a matter of fact, you need a niche to focus and become an expert in that area. A blogger’s approach to content and selection of topics will make a difference between a blogger who makes $5 per month and one who makes $10000 per month.

Create content that converts as opposed to random posts about each and every topic. The bitter pill you have to swallow as a blogger is that nobody cares about you on the internet unless you are Kim Kardashian or Beyonce but instead people care to find solutions to their problems.

What's dead in blogging today

Blogging has evolved but it isn’t dead

In conclusion, I would like to say that blogging isn’t dead but has just evolved and you can also start your blog today.

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