Why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful

Why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful

I read very many articles on why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful. However, what I’m telling you today is a wealth of information for every blogger who wants to make it big.

Pinterest compared to Facebook and Instagram

In blogging, Pinterest matters compared to Facebook and Instagram. Why is it important for every blogger to use Pinterest to promote their content? Let’s find out.

First make sure you have CLAIMED YOUR SITE/BLOG ON PINTEREST before you continue uploading your pins.

Why Pinterest is growing tremendously

Pinterest was founded in March 2010 and is the fastest growing social media platform. In 2019 alone, Pinterest grew by 57% and that is attributed to the fact that it is a unique platform. Pinterest is a search engine by itself.

Also, 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month according to sproutsocial.com.

Are young people giving up on Facebook?

What’s one of the factors contributing to the fast growth and huge following Pinterest manages to gather? Young people are probably giving up on Facebook. Personally, I have friends who are no longer using Facebook and have switched to Pinterest and Instagram.

The kind of People on Pinterest are affluent!

Pinterest gets 110 million views per month which is equivalent to 11 billion US Dollars. This why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful.

The kind of people on Pinterest are very affluent if you compare to those that frequently use Facebook. Also, those are the kind of people you want to connect with and sell products.

Your Pin/Content will last longer on Pinterest

Did you also know that the half-life of a Pinterest Pin is three and a half months? That is 1680 times longer than Facebook? This means that your content lasts longer and many people see it.

On Facebook, a promoted post will only appear for a short period in people’s feeds and everybody forgets about it. Nevertheless, Facebook is full of cluttered content from videos to memes and all kinds of cat content. You must fight to compete for people’s attention. Besides, you have to compete with those who have thousands and millions of followers.

Content on Pinterest continues to get clicks and traffic over a long period of time

Equally important to note also is meaningful content on Pinterest continues to get clicks and traffic over a long period of time. Contrary to a one-time click as we see on other social media channels, especially Facebook.

On Pinterest, you can also drive as much traffic to your blog without spending a dime which is unlike the situation on Facebook or Instagram especially for newbie bloggers who do not have an equally large following.

Why is Pinterest Worth your time?

Pinterest offers bloggers and other content publishers free organic traffic that other social media channels don’t offer and that’s why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful. Unlike other social media platforms, you do not have to have thousands of followers to achieve this.

Group boards on Pinterest

Group boards are Pinterest boards that people share and many users can pin their content. One Pinterest user owns the board and allows other Pinterest users to pin on the same board. Sounds smart right?

Group boards on Pinterest allow one to borrow followers from other members who are pinning on the same board. You many end up even gaining all their followers if they like your pins.

Advertisements on Pinterest

Advertisements are not a common thing on Pinterest because the platform is relatively new but if you have the financial capability why not?

Let’s talk about Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is that content that remains relevant and current because the content adds value and is popular. You continue to get traffic to your website or blog if you produce more of such content.

The lifespan of a Pinterest pin is three and a half months, not a one-time click. Uploading pins and linking back to such content on your site will definitely boost your audience.

Pinterest is a Search Engine

Just like YouTube, Pinterest is also designed to be a search engine.

When you key in any word on Pinterest you get results related to the word including suggestions. On Pinterest, users can tell you what they want unlike Facebook and Instagram which are not designed to be search engines.

That’s why on Pinterest you do not have to figure out what your users want and engage them like on Facebook and Instagram. More reason why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful.

On Pinterest, not only your followers consume your content

With Pinterest, it is easy to create targeted content and not only your followers will consume that content. Anybody who searches for a keyword that is related to what you pinned will be able to see your pins and content.

For example, when a user is looking for ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’ the content related to blogging or blog will be displayed. In this case the user does not have to be your friend like on Facebook or your follower like on Instagram to see your content or pin. This is another reason why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful bloggers.

Is Pinterest a ‘Social’ Media Channel?

The truth is that people are not getting on Pinterest to connect socially. No single time have I gone to Pinterest to look for friends to connect with or chat with. Have you? I go to Pinterest for instance, to look for kitchen designs, home décor designs, or the latest fashion trends.

That is the exact opposite of what people do on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram for example, you will find celebrities sharing their personal lives and people commenting and liking the videos and photos. But that is not what we are looking to do on Pinterest.

Comments don’t really matter on Pinterest

Comments don’t matter on Pinterest because it is an image-based platform. A user will only notice your content through your pins.  Making outstanding and eye-catching pins have even been made easier with Canva. If you are a blogger and you don’t know Canva yet, you are missing out on a lot.

Why Canva is a friendly tool to design your Pinterest Pins

The reason why I really like Canva is that it is very user friendly. I discovered it this year and since then have been using it to design all by Pinterest pins and thumbnails to place on my featured images on blog posts.

It also comes with a variety of fonts that suit every blogging niche. With the premium version, you save time by scheduling your posts on social media which are automatically posted. How cool is that?

Canva also offers a trial for 30 days that you can cancel at your convenience and you will be reminded 3 days before your trial period ends.

Some Image Optimization tools

You may also want to check out Shortpixel and EWWW Image Optimizer for your image optimization needs. One main advantage of optimizing your images is that it improves your site’s load speed. Who wants a slow site anyway? This will only lead to a high bounce rate. Find out why it is important to optimize images that you upload on your site.

Focus is on content on Pinterest

On Pinterest, it is the pin or image that matters. In fact, there is a CAP on the number of comments allowed on a single pin. Comments are therefore not that useful on this platform. This allows users to focus on content without wondering how they are going to write a long caption to capture readers’ attention.

Because focus is on content, this saves publishers time composing long captions because we all know blogging is a time-consuming job. Therefore, we all love what saves those extra minutes. Right?

Pinterest users are spenders

Statistics show that Pinterest users make 5OK grands per year while 10% make 125K grands per year.

89% of Pinterest users have plans to purchase something by looking for inspiration from pins and 83% have purchased something because of Pinterest. This is another reason why every blogger must consider Pinterest if they want to be successful bloggers.

Pinterest offers an opportunity to sell to serious people who want to buy or an audience that is hungry for information

In Pinterest, there is less competition with videos, memes, and all kinds of unnecessary videos ads.

There exists untapped Potential on Pinterest

Pinterest is still relatively new and there is a lot of potential that has not been tapped yet.

One thing about Pinterest is that you cannot use the same marketing tactics or techniques you use on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels and expect that to work.

That is where some businesses and content creators go wrong and eventually give up when they realize their efforts aren’t bearing fruits.

It is a different and a unique platform but very rewarding if used strategically and to the maximum potential.

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