How to Claim your Website on Pinterest

How to Claim your Website on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is the best social media platform to promote your website? Given that you are a new blogger and really struggling to get your blog or content noticed by online users, head to Pinterest and make your brand stand out. What’s the first step to getting us there? This takes us to the main topic where we will discuss how to claim your website on Pinterest.

Facebook is cluttered

Facebook is cluttered with videos and memes and most unestablished bloggers find themselves competing for people’s attention leave alone using funds to promote blog posts in order to get a decent following which is not 100% guaranteed.

Claiming your website enables you to get access to website analytics and let people know where they can find more of your content. This will make your profile picture to show up next to any Pins that come from your site, and a globe icon will appear next to your website URL on your profile .

How do you claim your blog/website on Pinterest

First things first. Today we are going to talk about how to claim your website/blog from Pinterest. Why is it important to do this? I’ll quote the information I got from Pinterest website word for word just to avoid altering the meaning and for understanding purposes. Maybe just make a few amendments in the sentence structure.

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Claiming your website/blog enables you get access to web analytics

According to Pinterest, claiming your website enables you to get access to website analytics and let people know where they can find more of your content. This will make your profile picture to show up next to any Pins that come from your site, and a globe icon will appear next to your website URL on your profile as evident below.

Globe Icon-Pinterest

Notice how the link to your blog or website is displayed after Pinterest verifies it. There is a green tick meaning Pinterest has approved that your website is genuine and does exist. It probably takes not more than 24 hours. from time of submitting your website information. I have illustrated a step by step procedure to do that with relevant screenshots.

Verified website

Kindly visit-claim your website to learn more about the idea of claiming your website from Pinterest.

You or your business must own the second-level domain (like or a subdomain (like Unless the subdomain routes to the same place as the second-level domain (if is the same as This is according to

For more information about what a second level domain is, kindly refer to second level domains.

To claim your website from Pinterest, follow the following steps:

The following is a snippet of the instructions I got online and that I used to prepare the detailed tutorial each containing snippets of exactly what you need to do.

Instructions to claiming your website

Now that we understand the logic behind claiming your website from Pinterest, let’s begin the step by step process and you’ll be amazed by how straightforward and easy it is.

When logged into your Pinterest account, on the right hand top corner click on the downward arrow and head on to settings. I have circled it in a red pen.

After clicking on settings, the next thing to do is to tap on claim. This is also the place where you can edit your profile information like photo, first name, last name among other changes you may need to make to your profile.


After I claiming my website that’s what it looks like, notice the green tick at the end.


You will land on this page after tapping on the Claim button. Copy and paste your site’s URL in the text box below and click on ‘Claim’.

Enter URL

In the next step, you are required to pick one of the two options either to ‘Add HTML tag’ or ‘Upload HTML file’

Pick claim option

I find the option of adding an HTML tag easier and more straightforward. Choose the option of Add HTML tag and click next. The following box is displayed with the HTML tag which you are supposed to copy and paste in the <head> section of the root file of your site.

Don’t mess up with your original theme’s code

This process calls for a lot of attention and an extra keen eye. You don’t want to mess up with your site’s code especially if you know nothing about coding. It can be extra stressful if you don’t paste the code at the right place or delete part of the original theme code in your site by mistake when pasting the HTML tag. I have done before and trust me it wasn’t funny.

Copy and paste the code as explained in the snippet. You are told ‘ Paste this tag into the <head> section of your site’s index.html file’ . I use WordPress as the content editor for my blog and that what I’ll use for illustration purposes. Besides, I like wordpress because it is a friendly Content Management System (CMS).

Paste HTML into the head tag

Once logged in as an admin in the backend of your site, assuming your using the latest updated version WordPress, go to Appearance then Theme Editor and a window like the one below is displayed. For people who don’t use WordPress as their CMS, it should be something not really far from this. So don’t stress. The reason I’m doing this demonstration using WordPress is because it is the most popular and widely CMS.

From the Theme Editor you are able to go to the Head section of your code and paste the code you copied from Pinterest as shown below. Notice where I have pasted the code. Your Theme Editor code also varies depending on the theme that you are using for your website.

Thee editor

When taking the screenshot make sure you don’t add/delete any coding by mistakenly. Exit the window when done to avoid such occurrences because you might unknowingly key in something from keyboard or delete when you keep the code editor window open. Alright, let’s proceed.

The code line highlighted in faint blue is what I have pasted as the HTML tag we got from Pinterest. I hope you are not lost and still following with me. Notice where I have pasted it. You will also notice that I’m still working within the Theme header section. Don’t paste any code in any place when you are not 100% sure.

Paste HTML into the head tag
Thee editor

Update File after confirming everything is okay.

Update file

Once you have updated the code in the head section file of your site, return to Pinterest and submit for review.

Submit for review

Remember as a new blogger or content creator without a decent audience on Facebook or Instagram, you can easily take advantage of Pinterest to promote your blog just by mastering the simple tactics.

AND WE ARE DONE!! If you reached this far, big up yourself!


You can also claim ther accounts like Instagram and Youtube. The process for doing this is shorter and simpler compared to the one we just discussed above. For example, let’s do the same for Instagram. Click on claim button next to Instagram.

Say continue as shown below and that should be it. To make the process easier, make sure your logged into your Instagram account on the same device your using to do this. Pinterest will simply pick your Instagram name and connect.


Notice from the screenshot, you can also unclaim if you choose to. But why would you? I’ll be curious to know.


Also to claim your Youtube account from Pinterest, click on claim button then you will be prompted to choose your google account incase you have more than one like in my case.

Claim Youtube

Say ‘allow’ to continue:

And just like that you have also claimed your Instagram and Youtube account from Pinterest.