Can’t log into WordPress after changing my domain name

Can’t log into WordPress after changing my domain name

A while back, I decided to change my domain name. I have never done this before and I never expected the challenges experienced logging into WordPress after changing your domain name. What I didn’t know is that I had to make a few changes in my Cpanel to reflect my new domain name.

My web host ordered the new domain for me after I submitted the new name I selected. They also transferred hosting from the old domain to the current one Digital Resource KE in less than 12 hours at a small fee of course. Yes, one thing you need to know that you pay for a web host company when changing your domain name.

The only problem I experienced is that I couldn’t log into my wordpress dashboard after changing the domain name. I wanted to figure out how it’s done rather than asking my host to assist because knowledge is power.

I just learned how to do that and I would like to share with you so that you don’t go through the same trouble I have gone through. Sharing is caring.


First of all, you need to have your CPanel login details after changing your domain name to enable you fix the WordPress login issue

Log into your CPanel. this is how the CPanel login window looks like.

CPANEL-logging into wordpress after changing domain name

Once you have logged into your Cpanel, in the home window you’ll notice the Databases section.

DATABASES-logging into wordpress after changing domain name

In the Database section click on phpMyAdmin button

You will then be directed to a page that looks like this one below. On the left pane of the Window look for your database name. For this case it is atienos_atienosworld. Click on the your database name, in my case in the one have mentioned.

can't log into wordpress after changing domain name

After clicking on your database name, you’ll be directed to this window

wp_options-log into wordpress after changing domain name

Next on the left pane, look for ‘wp_options’ as illustrated below.

Select and click on wp_options and you would be able to see window that has option_id, option_name and option_value.

trouble logging into wordpress after changing your domain name

What we need to do here is change the ‘siteurl’ name and the ‘home’ option name

I believe you notice what I’m talking about in the snippet below. Notice the site url and the home option name before I edit and after I’ll edit.

siteurl and home-logging into wordpress after changing domain name

The previous site url was called and the current domain which I transfered my blog content to is Alright?

Let’s edit the site url first first

Click on the pencil to edit (view pencil in the previous image). You will directed to his page where you will edit the url to your new url. That’s exactly what I have to mine, from atienosworld to digitalresourceke. Okay?

logging into wordpress after changing domain name

Click on ‘Go’ once you are done with the editing.

logging into wordpress after changing domain name

Do the same thing you’ve done in the previous step for the ‘home’ Option name’ as shown below and click on go.


Once your through enter your site url/wp-admin to log in and you’ll be able to log in.


Before I made this change I would type my url/wp-admin and I would be directed to the previous domain atienosworld. I was not able to even come to this page. Afterwards, an error page would appear.

Now you are in your wordpress dashboard and can continue writing posts. How simple is that.


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