How I began blogging alongside my full-time job

How I began blogging alongside my full-time job

I published my first post on 20th October 2019. I have since pulled down the post because I decided to take a different route in blogging. In the beginning, I wanted this blog to be a motivational one, then fashion and lifestyle. I went back and forth about what niche to settle for. To be honest, choosing a niche is a very important step before starting a blog. If you get it wrong you will struggle all through the process and give up way too early. At that time, I settled for a lifestyle blog that had begun to pick up at the time I was changing my domain name. However, I have no regrets whatsoever about switching from lifestyle to technology.

I have a solid background in Information Technology

I have since founded Digital Resource KE. and my blog focuses on Blogging Tips, Web analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reviews, and unique technology stories. I studied Information Systems and Technology at the University and therefore I have the basic understanding of how websites work. Equally important, I feel at home creating a platform for Digital Content because I’m convinced I know what I talk about.

So what happened before blogging?

To begin with, I planned to start blogging in April of 2019 but the plan got cancelled. I was scheduled for surgery in June of the same year and the 2 months prior to the surgery were spent worrying and panicking about how the surgery would turn out.

This was going to be my first surgery and on my eye(more reason to panic and begin imagining the impossible things). I put my website plan on hold. The surgery I underwent is called crosslinking, an eye surgery performed on those with Keratoconus with an aim of slowing down or stopping the progression of the disease in the cornea. Long story short I didn’t see anything on my way home on that day. Crosslinking isn’t painful but the inflammation is crazy after the surgery.

Is my blogging plan coming along?

I would like to point out the fact that blogging isn’t for the weak and undetermined. When you see a nicely written article with captivating visuals, do you stop to think about the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes? It’s a lot especially if it’s a single person doing all the work. In short, it’s high time we learned to appreciate any kind of clean content that comes our way.

My plan when I started this blog was to be publishing posts on a weekly basis because I have a day job, that’s not realistic at times. I managed to stick to the schedule but backslid. The truth is that you don’t just wake up and write something and put it up for people to read. No, it doesn’t work that way. A number of things have to be done that include;

  • planning
  • researching
  • outlining the main points
  • writing
  • editing
  • finding appropriate images e.t.c

Learning on the Job

I was learning on the job. I was learning how to use WordPress which I’m now a pro at. Usually to run a blog you need a Content Management System(WordPress), a host company, for example bluehost and a domain name. Those are the basic things you need to start. In addition it’s important to understand what blogging is and why you are blogging. In my case, I experimented with fashion posts which certain group of my audience really loved. One thing with fashion blogging is that you have to regularly have photos to accompany your posts. For the purpose of being authentic and for brands to notice you, it is advisable to use your own pictures. I dit take some photos but I got overwhelmed at a certain point.

We all struggle with our passions

I can’t sit here and pretend that we don’t struggle with our passions. The truth is that we dall do. I still have an 8a to 5pm job so putting aside tie to work on my blog is still a struggle Most of my posts are written in the mornings when my brain is fresh and my spirit is high. This is the time when I can put together ideas without struggling because my mind is fully awake. Building a blog consumes a lot of time and requires hard work. However, in future I plan to get people to write the posts while I run and manage the blog.

Photoshoots for my blog

I’m stuck at doing photo shoots. As a blogger this is an important aspect. Good photos improve the general outlook of the blog and and drive more traffic to a blog.

I was disappointed about the last time I did a photoshoot for this blog. It was before COVID-19. The guy had many customers and wasn’t even serious. We agreed on a particular time and a specific location since I prefer outdoor shoots compared to indoor shoots. The photographer ended up showing up with his assistant(which is okay) and two other friends who were just spectators and kept staring at me the whole time and making me really uncomfortable.

The photos looked amazing but I feel like the whole drama was unnecessary. In summary, photographers kindly be professional when dealing with clients. Keep time and stick to the agreement. Not all of us are doing shoots to go full our Instagram feeds.

How has it been designing my blog own blog?

Although I’m trying to figure out ways to improve on certain features of my blog especially the appearance, I’m thrilled that I aced some like embedding my social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram) to the footer and sidebar parts of my blog. I learned the hard way though.

Social media presence is very important for any blogger. I’m using WordPress which a very user friendly Content Management System(CMS). One major point to note especially for those using WordPress is that for any new sophisticated feature you are looking for to improve your site’s appearance, you just need to find a plugin for that feature. Install the plug in, and then activate it. If you like coding, you can try that option instead of plug ins. Read and follow instructions on how to use the plugins. Currently, I have been working on designing an appealing landing page for my site.

What I have learnt so far

In summary, I would say blogging is the easiest way to make money online that doesn’t require much capital but requires time, patience, and hard work. Think about building a business from scratch to a multi-million business. That’s what building a blog from scratch feels like as well.

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