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I blog about Blogging tips for new bloggers, Natural 4C Hair Care Tips and Lifestyle.

I’m Atieno Ougo. Atieno in my culture simply means I was born at night. I have no memorable told about my birth, but I would like to thank her for dropping into this world. I mean where else would I rather be other than here.

Born in…

I was born in Kenya in a town called Kericho which is in the Rift-Valley Province, but I belong to the lakeside side of the country.

Why Blogging?

I have a full-time job that I do besides running this blog, Digital Resource KE. But you know what? You are not your job title. Not everybody may amicably agree with that but that’s what I have come to appreciate as a millennial and a young woman.

I kept asking myself whether there was anything else I could do to positively impact lives apart from my full-time job that pays my bills. I already knew I wanted to do something I loved at this point.

I loved the idea of blogs and the lovely graphics and I understand the work involved in creating websites because I had learned that pretty much in school.

Then I discovered there is professional blogging, and I fell for the idea. It is not that easy and simple at the beginning because you are creating something of your own from scratch but worth time and energy at the same time, you are doing it because you love it. This how I started my blog.


I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems & Technology with a concentration in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime from United States International University Africa.

I enjoyed my entire time on campus and would not mind doing it again except for the term papers and exams. The cultural diversity was amazing and I think that led me to appreciate different people, their beliefs, and ways of life.

I blog about…

Digital Resource KE is all about the best blogging tips for new bloggers, natural 4C hair, and lifestyle. I also share content on the best blog marketing tips that are also helpful for the already established bloggers.

What Else?

Fashion? Photography?

Apart from blogging, I am a great lover of fashion and I enjoy taking photos. I have thousands of photos of just me alone. Each photo speaks differently to me. No single one of them can be compared to the other. That is not strange. I hope so.

I can literally count the number of group photos I have appeared in for the 20+ years I have lived. Not many and most are family portraits. Besides, Fashion and photography are just therapeutic to me.

I can literally count the number of group photos I have appeared in for the 20+ years I have lived. Not many and most are family portraits. Besides, Fashion and photography are just therapeutic to me.

4C Natural Hair Journey!

I’m really passionate about its natural African hair specifically 4A, 4B, and 4C type of hair. However, I prefer to talk about the 4C type of hair because that is what I resonate most with. My hair is the 4C type and it’s taken me close to 5 years to understand what works best for it and how to manage it on my own without having to use artificial heat or chemicals.

My 4C Natural Hair Journey

Currently, in 2020 I can proudly say that I understand my kinky hair and I am able to stay even 3 months without visiting the salon. I’m not sure whether the pandemic pushed me to learn that fast enough but I’m genuinely happy to have made that progress.


I’m going to explain this in the simplest way possible. Keratoconus is a vision problem that causes the cornea to bulge outward and form a conical shape as opposed to the normal round shape a normal cornea is supposed to have. This causes vision problems as the light coming to the eye is scattered and does not hit the retina properly causing blurry vision. That’s exactly what’s happened to my eyes.  

I have done a procedure called crosslinking on one of my eyes and awaiting a corneal transplant on the other eye. Important note: The only time I remember I have this condition is when I’m going for an

appointment at the hospital or purchasing something eye-related. I do not carry the baggage with me everywhere I go.

Therefore, with whatever condition you have or the situation you are going through no matter how serious it is, it is important to know that it’s never that serious that you have to carry everywhere you go. Like is short but also very long and should be lived purposefully and with genuine happiness free of unnecessary worry.

What I believe

I believe in doing that which you believe you can do best and it not always on a single thing. There is more to life than just sticking to one thing for the entire time you are here. I also believe in setting the pace in your life in your twenties because your 20s are the most productive years of your life. We are not however limited to that. Some people discover themselves at 30, 40. 50, 60, and so on.

I hope you will have a wonderful time and gain a wealth of knowledge from DIGITAL RESOURCE KE as far as BLOGGING is concerned.

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