7 Brilliant Ways to Promote your Blog as a Beginner

7 Brilliant Ways to Promote your Blog as a Beginner

To begin with, I have come to learn that blogging is 20% writing and 80% content marketing or promotion. Therefore, how do you promote your blog and get your content noticed out there? Here, there is a lot of hard work involved and you have to really work hard by marketing your content if your ultimate goal is to monetize your blog. Getting massive traffic to a blog does not happen overnight unless you have already made a name for yourself out there and have a large following on social media platforms.


Work hard to promote your blog

The sad truth is that when one starts, a brand-new blog traffic is not guaranteed and one has to go out of their way to promote their blog. Today, there are a million of blogs all over the internet and this has made it even tougher for upcoming bloggers to easily get a space within the already saturated field. However, this doesn’t mean that an upcoming blogger, influencer or any kind of content creator cannot fight their way up and make their content noticed by thousands, millions or even billions of people. That’s every blogger’s dream, right?

Learn ways to promote your blog

In blogging, when one writes a post and publishes it in his or her site the work doesn’t end there. In fact, there is more work to be done thereafter and that’s promoting your blog and posts. An individual might be writing excellent articles but without getting it out there to people that might be as well considered as a waste of time because the posts might as just sit in your site with very few views or none at all.

1. Blog commenting to promote your blog

So then, as a blogger you need to create a conversation with the audience and fellow content creators. A a rule, you can’t win it by working all alone. Also, it is important to build relationships and trust from other established bloggers. By doing this, you promote your blog.

In this case, the best way to tie in your article is to ask questions in the comment section of posts from established bloggers. For instance, what you need to do is identify a list of bloggers or influencers that to look up to and that you love to read their blog posts. Look for articles that tackle the same topic as the ones you have published in your blog and head to the comment section.

For example, you would throw in a comment that reads;

“Hi Molly, in this section over here you mentioned coconut oil as the best oil to prepoo natural 4C hair before applying shampoo a and I was wondering if castor oil could be used as well because over here in his article I wrote something similar to this and I’m not sure if its correct to say that castor oil could also be used for the same purpose. I would love your opinion. Thanks for the good article. I’m looking forward to your response.”

What value are you adding to your fellow blogger to promote your work?

Notice the way this question has been crafted. I did not just go like, “Hi Molly. This is a good article and I also wrote a similar one here. Thanks for the good article.” I mean what value are you adding. You appear as one who is simply advertising your blog on another person’s site. In addition, you give the impression that you are a selfish individual. This does not work from the perspective of give and take. No. You need to create some kind of rapport first with both the writer and the reader. It is important to open an area of trust by building relations through asking questions. 

Set a Goal of Comments you want to write in a day

You can set a goal of how any comments you want to put out there in a day and have a list of blogs that are related to your niche that you want to comment on the posts or articles. To make it easy, identify blogs from bloggers that you inspire you and that you would like to emulate. From there you can identify articles, write comments and so on. People will read your comments and head on to your blog. This way, you are promoting your blog.

2. Snip.ly as one of the ways to promote your blog

Go to snip.ly and find a piece of content that you would like to promote from another website. This piece of content is not yours but belongs to another writer, blogger or writer. For example, here is the link to the piece of article that I would like to share because I wrote an article similar to that about things to consider in the initial stages of blogging a few months ago.

Copy and paste the link you want to share then write your call to action as illustrated below.

promote your blog
promote your blog

There is a call to action that links your article

The logic here is that you want to share other bloggers content but at the corner bottom either on the left or right of the article there is a call to action that links your article. In this case you are not selling not selling your content but that of others. Therefore, this is not self-selling and this method will help you build your blog audience. Below are more snippets just to illustrate what I just explained. Remember the bottom line of all this hard work is to promote your blog.

promote your blog

3. Buzzsumo

This is an important strategy that can also be used by businesses and bloggers as well to promote their blogs. Buzzsumo finds the most popular articles shared on social media. Another unique and most important feature about Buzzsumo is that it also finds what other people shared in the past.

What one needs to do is head on to Buzzsumo and type in the key words of the topic of the content you are looking for. For example, as for the case with this article I’ll look something like ‘blog promotion’. So, what this platform does is that it finds all the top articles people have shared that are related to the topic you searched and from there you can zero in to for instance the top three articles.

‘View shares’ and ‘Rapportive’ to promote your blog

The key feature on this platform is the ‘view shares’ button that allows one to view all those who have shared same article on twitter accounts. From here you can choose to go a step further and get their email addresses. Sounds tedious but you might thank me later if you do this. Rapportive is advantageous to Gmail users because it is able to show you extra information about your contact such as Linkedin profile. Once you get the email addresses of like 50-70 you need to go ahead and contact them. For example, you can say this.

Write down a thoughtful message

Hey Zuri, my name is Alice and I came across a piece of content that you shared last week about content promotion. Well, I just published an article that expands on that, I thought that your tribe might like it. Would you like me to send you the link? Have a great day. Looking forward to your reply.”

Permission-based marketing to promote your blog

Note what just happened here. I didn’t just write “here is the link, share it. Nobody cares about your things unless you give a valid and genuine reason to. This is also called permission-based marketing in that ask for permission from others to share your content.

Therefore, this is called permission-based marketing. You need to provide value for people to be interested in your content and that’s a good strategy to promote your blog. Out of the 50 people you have contacted, 5 might choose to respond. This sounds like a small number but once each of the shares your content with their audience and some of the audience also share it, there will a noticeable compound effect.

4. Google Alerts

This is the most underutilized way to you can use to promote your blog. This is what you need to do:

Go to google alerts and type


Content Promotion as the keyword.

Below is a quick snippet explaining what I just talked about.

promote your blog

Quora to promote your blog

Quora is probably the biggest platform for asking questions and getting answers that consists of all kinds of people including high level people and professionals who ask questions on different topics. Every time someone asks a question in regards to a topic that you cover in your blog, you may want to jump in and leave an organic link that will send people back to your site and promote your blog.

However, this will not build traffic overnight but will slowly build traffic to your site with time.  The two most important ways you will benefit from this are:

  • You will build credibility as an expert
  • All the links you have been tying in your comments will slowly start increasing traffic to your site.

5.Facebook Ads

For this method you don’t need to start big.  It’s okay to start small and grow bigger with time and experience. You can begin by just simply promoting your blog posts on Facebook. I’m sure those of us who regularly use Facebook have seen posts with the word ‘sponsored’ tied in the post header. This means that the individual has paid Facebook to enable the post reach a larger audience.

Allows you to choose the type of audience that is best suit for your content

I have used a couple of times and it does works. The advantage about about this method of blog promotion is that you can edit the type of audience that is best suit for you content or the type of audience that you want your content to reach. This can be in terms of age, geographical location etc.

promote your blog

If I were to boost this article, I would choose my audience as bloggers or writers because they would benefit more from my article. Though I realized you need to pay more for your post to reach a larger audience. So, you can begin by, for instance, 1$ daily then move to 5$ and so on and so forth. I would recommend that you use this method if you have the financial capability to do so. The snippets below illustrate what I have just discussed above. It’s a pretty self-explanatory task.

6. Weekly RoundUps

This is the one method to promote your blog that I wasn’t aware of. Here is how this works.

Go to Google and type in your “keyword” + “weekly roundup.

This method basically involves looking for people who do roundups and asking them to feature you in their roundups. In this case you will need to reach out to them and ask them to feature you in their next roundup.

This is what you can say to introduce yourself and deliver the message.

“Hey my name is Amira and have been following you weekly roundup and I really like the value they provide. Last week I found an article in your roundup that really helped me. I used this strategy from it. Thank you so much. Just yesterday I put together a topic on step by step guide for content promotion that teaches people how to do x,y and z. I thought you might want to check it and possibly include it in your weekly roundup.” keep up the amazing work. All the best.



It is important to seek permission

You will notice that the aspect of seeking permission comes in handy here as is the case with blog commenting and Buzzsumo. In this method,you are asking their permission and thanking them for their good work. In other words, you are being human and not just trying to automate things by for example saying:

Hi my name is Zuri and here is my blog post about 10 ways of content promotion. Kindly share it.



Create a community that work together


In the later case, you need to ask yourself these vital questions. Why should he/she include your blog or post in the next roundup? What value are you adding to him or her?

The bottom line is creating a community and working together as opposed to being self-centered. It’s ore of tit for tat but in a smart way.

7.Consistent Engagement with The Audience

What’s the best way to engage with the readers or audience of your blog post? How do you keep the engaged and hooked to your blog? How do you keep the conversation going? In this case you are trying to avoid a scenario whereby you get new visitors to your blog from time to time but then they just read your articles and leave also better known as bounce rate. As a writer, you need to keep them engaged and convert them to regular readers.

Collect email addresses of the visitors to your site

The best way is by use of emails. You need to collect the email addresses of the people who visit your website. This you can do by creating an email subscribe button somewhere visible that can be easily seen by any new person visiting your blog.

Once you collect their emails, you need to email them on a weekly basis and let them know about new developments in your blog, any e-books or courses you have created, and any products you might be selling or recommend to them.

In addition, you can choose your favorite social media platform and share your posts on a regular basis. You don’t need to worry if you get likes or not. I sometimes share posts on Facebook that I do not get any likes for but I get several views in my blog.